Contracting & Construction

Contracting & Construction

Al Dhaheri Law Firm excels in the field of construction laws and contracts. The firm offers specialized legal services to clients in this area, helping them understand local and international regulations related to construction and contracting, and providing the necessary advice and support to effectively deal with construction and contract issues.

In summary, Al Dhaheri Law Firm is an expert in construction laws and contracts, providing specialized legal services to clients to help them effectively achieve construction projects in compliance with applicable regulations.

Here's a detailed explanation of the firm's expertise in construction laws and contracts:

  • Consultation on Construction Laws:

    The firm provides legal advice on regulations and regulations related to construction and real estate development. Clients are assisted in understanding the systems and procedures followed in construction projects.

  • Drafting and Reviewing Construction Contracts:

    The firm specializes in drafting and reviewing a variety of construction contracts, including design-build contracts, general contracting agreements, and subcontractor agreements. This ensures the protection of both parties' rights and the proper organization of obligations and responsibilities.

  • Dispute Resolution in Construction Projects:

    The firm specializes in resolving disputes related to construction projects and contracting, whether disputes between the contractor and the owner or between the contractor and suppliers. The legal team offers consultations on how to handle legal challenges and apply appropriate solutions.

  • Contract Implementation Oversight:

    The firm can oversee the implementation of contracts related to construction projects to ensure both parties' compliance with contract terms and conditions, as well as document any changes or amendments.

  • Construction Compliance and Engineering Safety:

    The firm provides advice on compliance with construction standards and engineering safety, including offering guidance to ensure that the project adheres to legal and technical standards.

  • Dealing with Regulatory Authorities:

    The firm assists clients in dealing with regulatory and governmental entities responsible for approvals and permits necessary for construction projects.

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